Zumbro 100 Mile Race Reports, Videos and More

Apr 08

Zumbro 100 Mile Race Reports, Videos and More

Since I won’t be out at Zumbro this year for the firs time is 3 years and runners are tapering and getting anxious about the race.  Basically you are sitting around anxious to get out and run and no that you can’t even go out for a long run because you are tapering.  So here you go read away.

zumbro 100


Video Start of 2013 Race:

This is what the race was like when I ran it in 2011.  There was only the 100 mile distance with about 25 runners total and was a lot smaller than it is today.

2011 Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run Start Line Panorama from Zach Pierce on Vimeo.


Race Reports:


Logan Polfuss 2013

Kevin Langton Race Report 2013:


Bob Gerenz’s Race Report 2012-(Bob won by 2 seconds that year)

Edward Sandor’s Race Report 2012:

Matt Lutz’s Race Report 2012:

Logan Polfuss 2012

Matt Aro’s Race Report 2012:

Jeremy Lindquist’s Race Report 2012:

Snow Shoe Magazine Article by Molly Cochran 2012: 


Julie Berg’s Race Report 2011: 

Adam Schwartz-Lowe’s Race Report 2011:(Adam won this year but I was right behind him finishing only 7 and half hours later)

Jordan Hanlon’s Race Report 2011:

Ruben’s Race Report 2011:

Susan Donnelly Race Report 2011:


Scott Mark’s Race Report 2010:

Zach Pierce’s Race Report 2010:

Matthew Patten’s Race Report 2010: 

Susan Donnelly Race Report 2010: 


Susan Donnelly Race Report 2009:

Steve Quick’s Race Report 2009:

Mark Scott’s Race Report 2009:


Pace Reports:

Ben Bruce’s Pace Report from 2011 when he paced me.




  1. Could you post a pic of the Zumbro 100 shuffle, formally known as a 30 minute mile jog?

    • Jordan /

      Ben there is no known evidence that I’ve ever run a sub 30 minute mile. Only spotty witness testimonies.

  2. Sorry, but I’m taking your 2010 omission a little personally!! http://runlikemonkey.com/race-reports/2010-zumbro-100-mile-endurance-run-race-report/

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