Western States 100 Mile and Grand Slam Training Update: Week 3 Pushing the Tempo

Jan 21

After 3 solid weeks of training for the Western States 100 Mile and attempting the Grand Slam of Ultra Trail Running  everything seems to be going well and I have been able to even push the tempo on my tempo runs after my long runs.  Still looking for a high enough hill to do repeats on within the metro area, but getting closer.  My body has been holding up well to the hill work and the tempo run the day after the long runs, but I can definitely feel those workout.  I think that all of the strength training I did in the late fall and early winter and the tempo run on the treadmill at 10% has helped.

I would really like to incorporate the 10% incline tempo runs into my workouts but I will have to bounce it off of my coach AJW.  (Andy Jones Wilkens)

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