Western States 100 and Grand Slam Training: Week 4 Update

Feb 03

I’m pretty sure I missed an update last week but I also missed a few key workouts too, so here is where I’m at.  I just got done with a great 12 mile tempo run tonight.  It was one of the runs that felt like you could run forever.  Your legs felts strong and you pushed effortlessly up and over hills.  You lunges don’t strain and gasp for oxygen they feel steady and powerful.  A certain calmness grips you even as you are pushing the pace faster and faster.  Tonight was one of those nights.  It was quite unexpected as well, coming off a strong 21 mile long run up and down the hills near Afton State park at a solid 8 minute pace.  This morning I could feel the weariness in my legs and was even quite reluctant to get out the door to start my run after work.

I dressed very light and it was colder than I thought it was going to be so my warm up was quick and fast, one mile.  Then I started my 10 miles tempo run and from the very first step I felt great and the run almost felt effortless.  The running paths around St. Paul had been recently cleared allowing for a firm and fast surface.  It was already dark and there were few cars and almost no other runners or bikers.  It was one of those runs that you knew you were flying.  I looked down at my watch maybe a handful of times one the next 10 miles but knew that I was pushing the pace the entire time.  As I neared home again I almost didn’t want to reduce my pace, not wanting to waste such a rare night, but as I approach the 11 mile mark I slowed and headed towards home.

A great run…

Here is a quick video updated on how the rest of my training is going.  Enjoy!

Workout from Suunto Ambit: http://www.movescount.com/moves/move25239936

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