Jordan +26.2 Book Club: American Sniper by Chris Kyle

Nov 19

Jordan +26.2 Book Club: American Sniper by Chris Kyle

A few of my cousins told me about this book this summer and so I thought Veterans Day was reason enough to read it. The book was a really good account and insight into the life of a man that did a lot for this county. The book really is not a weaved hollywood storyline loosely based around real event but rather a straightforward account of what the author was experiencing and feeling during his service in the military.

The book gives an account of Chris Kyle from his childhood all the way up through the end of his service as a Navy Seal. It describes the process of him getting into the military and becoming a Navy Seal. I believed that the book is meant to give you an honest account of what Chris was thinking and feeling throughout his life and during his time in the military.  One thing I really liked about the book was that Chris tried to just put on paper what he was thinking and why he was thinking it, no mater if it was PC or not.

I’m sure there are a lot of people that disagree with a lot of what Chris and other things that military personnel have done and the subject of killing.  Others will criticize his sometimes overly simplification behind some of Kyle’s reasoning for his actions, but in my opinion Chris was a good person and poured everything he had into the idea of helping his country.  For that I have a hard time faulting him for any mistakes he may have made.  He was repeatedly willing to put his life on the line to protect his ideals and the beliefs of his county.

10 Questions with Chris Kyle

Overall this is a good book that gives you an honest account of some of what it is like to be one of the great military snipers in US history. It does lack some of the narrative and engagement but I believe it’s goal is to be more of a straightforward account of his life, which I believe he succeeded in telling.

GoodReads Review

More info about Chris Kyle

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  1. Allan Holtz /

    Was Chris Kyle the guy who claimed to have gotten in a fight with Jesse Ventura? Maybe it was someone else, not sure.

    • Allan,

      Yes, Chris does claim to have an altercation with Jess Ventura in the book. He only refers to him as “Scruffy” in the book though.

  2. Jordan, that was a great book. Another one you might like is: Warrior Soul by Chuck Pfarrer. Amazingly well written.