Donut Day Fun Runs 2016: FAQs

donut run 101


Here is some additional information regarding this year event.  Please feel free to post a comment or send me an email if you have any further questions.  We look forward to seeing everyone out there this weekend.


Q1. Where does the event START and Finish?  Has the course changed from last year? Where can I find course information?

A2. The START and FINISH for all of the distance is Nokomis Beach 5001 W Lake Nokomis Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55417

No, the courses have not been changed since last year’s event.


Q2. Will the courses be marked? How will I know where to run?

A2. No none of the courses are marked, so please study the routes and print off a map if you need to.   Click HERE for more course information.


Q3. Is the race timed?  Will there be an official finish or any finisher medals?

A3. No there is no official finish for the event as and no prizes or medals are given out.  Sorry this is meant to just be a fun run.


Q4. Do I need to register for the event?  If I registered for one distance but decide to run a different distance than I registered for do I need to switch my registration?

A4. No you do not need to register for the event, but we encourage you to do so.  This is so that we can get an idea of numbers to provide for the bakeries.  If you registered for a distance and want to switch there is no need to change your registrations.  Please register on our Registration Page.

gluten free donut

Q5. Are there any gluten free or vegan donut offerings on the course?

A5. Not that I know of.  Sorry.


winter dog running

Q6. Can I bring my dog with me on the run?

A6. Yes, you can bring you dogs with you on the run.  The only exception is that some of the bakeries do not allow dogs in their stores so they may need to stay outside while you are getting your donuts.  Mel-O-Glaze sells dog treats at their bakery.




Q7.  What if I don’t want to run the full route and want to modify my run or add more miles?

A7. You are free to run any route you choose, this is meant to be a fun run so run as you please.

edward pulling a tire

Q8. What if I want to pull a tire or carry a 35lb rucksack during the race?

A8. I would have to question your intelligence but yes, this is also allowed.


Q9. Where can I find any changes or updates for the event?

Q9. We will be updating the Main Information Page for any changes as well as the Facebook page and on Twitter.


Q10. Will all of the bakeries accept credit/debit cards?

A10.  No, A Baker’s Wife will only accept cash, the rest of the bakeries will accept credit/debit cards.



Q11. Is there free parking at the START/FINISH?

A11. Yes, there is some free street parking and there is a large main paid parking lot near the START/FINISH.


Q12. Are there any pace group?  Will there be people that I can run with?

A12. No, there are no official pace groups but we are planning on having over 150 runners so there should be plenty of others to run with.  Plus because people will be stopping at the various bakeries which will help you stay together if you want.


Q13. What if I forget to bring a food donation?  Are there recommended food items to donate?

A13. No problem, a cash donation is acceptable as well.  The Little Food Kitchen can actually buy about $9 worth of food for every $1 donated.  Here is more information on recommended food items to donate.4