Celebrating Milestones:

Feb 29

Training, whether it be for a 5k or a 100 miler, is difficult.  It takes a lot of time and effort and quite often the results for your efforts are not always apparent.  That is why I recommend celebrating the training milestones that you do come upon.  Milestones are not always easy to spot, particularly the smaller ones.  Remember that the very act of training is pushing your body and mind to do things that it is not comfortable doing and maybe even pushing yourself to new limits.

Tonight was a milestone for my training.  With the Big Horn 100 just under four months away I was a bit nervous that I have not used the months of January and February to build a sufficient training base.  That is still a bit in question but I had a great set of workouts yesterday 26.2 mile long run and today’s 10 mile tempo run.  Felt really good on both runs and today’s tempo run my legs felt surprisingly fresh and almost bouncy.  Normally not the case following a 3:40 marathon the day before.

Yesterday’s Long Run

Today’s 10 Mile Tempo Run

So give yourself some credit for the hard work that you put in and celebrate the milestones.   I’m celebrating by going to bed early…good night.


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