Big Horn 100 Training & Preparation Part 4: North Shore Running

Apr 06

Big Horn 100 Training & Preparation Part 4: North Shore Running

This week I was able to get a couple solid runs in up north on the Superior Hiking Trail with a friend who is training for the Big Horn 50 miler.  The plan was to camp out and get a couple good long runs in over the weekend.  We managed to get the long runs in but only made it one night camping.  The temps where we were started to dip below 20F, which was about the limit of our camping gear.

Superior Hiking Trail

There was not a lot of snow around Splitrock State Park where we were the first night, just some leftover packed snow on the actual trail.  This made for some easier running compared to what the trail is normally like in the summer.  We were not too concerned with pace, rather just focusing on getting time on our feet.


Pre-run breakfast, campfire toast.

File_002 We got a good 19 mile RUN in on Saturday morning from Splitrock nearly to Beaver Bay.  Above are some of the quick shots from the run.

The next day we headed further north to hike up to the top of Eagle Mountain, the highest point in Minnesota. With a new 4-5 inches of fresh snow on the ground it mades for some tricky footing at times but the added snow still made it a much smoother trail than normal.  We took it fairly easy and made it to the top just over an hour.

Ran into these two on our way to Eagle Mt. #northshoremn #gunflinttrail

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Trail up to Eagle Mountain.


View from the top of Eagle Mountain


Made it.

Run up to the top of Eagle Mountain.

The only other run I got in was a tempo run on the treadmill at 10% incline.  Again still a pretty low mileage week with around 54 total miles but I still got most of my key workouts in.  The one positive was my legs felt really good both on the trails and the day after, with minimal soreness.  I think the hill work and plyometrics are helping to build that lower leg strength.

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