Big Horn 100 Mile Training & Preparation Part 3:

Mar 30

Big Horn 100 Mile Training & Preparation Part 3:

This past week has truly been a slack week for my training.  With family in town for the holiday weekend it was tough to break away to get in some of my runs.  That on top of our ongoing house hunt taking up some of our weekday evenings, training has been a bit sparse.  No real excuses just life getting busy and not having time for everything.  With Big Horn now only 12 weeks away it is time to really start to dial in on my training and make sure I’m really hitting all of my key workouts.

I only hit two key workouts this past week, doing so on plenty of rest, which helped during those workouts.  The first workout was a 10 mile treadmill run to help prepare for longer sustained uphill climbs.  There is a lovely 17 mile section from mile 30 of the Big Horn 100 course to the turnaround at mile 47 where you gain 4361 ft of elevation.  This is an average of a 4.8% incline, which is not the steepest grade but for 17 miles straight it will surely take its toll.

Big Horn 100 Elevation Chart

To prepare for this section specifically I have started to incorporate some incline tempo runs on the treadmill. Basically doing a warm up mile then cranking up the incline to 10%  at a sustainable pace, for me this was 9:54 pace, then a cool down mile.  This type of workout is a great way to build leg strength as well as improve your cardio.  Cardio will be important while running at a higher elevation.  I maintained about a 160 BPM during that 10% incline section.

10 Mile Treadmill at 10% Incline 3-23-2016

10 Mile 10% Incline Treadmill Run Data

The second key workout of the week was a 10 mile tempo run.  Normally, I do these the day after my long run of the week to get used to running on tired legs and help build leg strength.  During this slacker week taking four days off prior to this tempo run I was very fresh so I was really able to maintain a solid pace.  The downside was I didn’t get the full benefit of this workout running on fresh legs.  The point of this workout for me isn’t to run a fast pace but rather build leg strength.

10 Mile Tempo Run 3-28-2016


10 Mile Tempo Run Data

After a one mile warm up I was able to maintain a 6:03 pace for the 8 middle miles of this run.  I was even able to dip below the 6 minute pace for a few miles, see miles splits below.  Normally my tempo miles pace following a long run would be closer to a 6:20 pace.

10 Mile Tempo Run Mile Splits 3-28-2016

I hope to start writing a bit more breaking down some of the specific workouts and why I’m using them to prepare for Big Horn.  Are there specific workouts that you would like more information on?

Big Horn 100 Mile Training & Preparation Part 2: 



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