Big Horn 100 Mile Training & Preparation Part 2:

Mar 22

Big Horn 100 Mile Training & Preparation Part 2:

This post is long over due but I will try and provide more frequent updates on how the training and preparation for Big Horn 100 is progressing.  I have spent much of January and February focusing on building a strong base and strength training.  I am not nearly doing the same high mileage weeks that I have done in the, instead trying to focus on 2-4 key workouts a week.  This is mostly due to life just being busy and not wanting to spend quite as much of my conscious existence running.

I have mentioned in Part 1 of my Big Horn training one area that I wanted to improve upon is running downhill on technical trails.  This is something that has really beat up my legs in past races.  Even though I have been able to finish a handful of these mountain or technical races, this is by far the areas that I struggle with the most.  The goal being that I need to strengthen my feet and lower legs to be able to handle running at a decent pace while not totally trashing my legs.  This was the biggest weakness that I had at Western States in 2014.  I ran a very good race but if I had to do a postmortem on that race the one thing that I would have done a better job of would have been more training on technical trails.

This time around I’m focusing  on doing more of my training on trails, particularly my long runs, and incorporating more specific strength training and plyometric work into my training.  Because I live in the city and like to run right from my front door I find myself doing most of my miles on paved sidewalks and paths.  This is great when training for a road race or for a course that is not all that technical, such as the Lean Horse 100.  From what I hear Big Horn is not nearly as technical as some of the other mountain races but there is still a fair amount of elevation.

I was able to get some technical “running” in over my recent vacation to Kauai this past week.  Most of the trails there were very technical but they were quite beautiful as well.  Next up I’ll try and post some of the specific workouts I’m using to help build lower leg strength and toughen up my ankles and feet.

Any other advice for strengthen your lower legs and feet for technical trail races?   Kalalau Trail, Nā Pali Coast


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